The Sudden End


It’s been quite a while since I’ve written something here, and I can explain why.


Remember my last post? (probably not cuz it was written in August) If not, let me refresh, I got a job as a teacher, things were bright, cool, and awesome, I got news, there were some ”changes” in the school I worked in, and I was unfortunately laid off… Scine January 10. My life took yet another sudden shift (which is quite common) by being laid off,


this year started with quite a BANG, huh? But in all seriousness though, I was able to become something much more than a teacher to my students, I was… a friend, almost a father, which is probably my biggest accomplishment till today, I also got a WHOLE lot to learn from those guys, and them from me, am happy with my experience, but dissapointed it ended (quite fast),


however am grateful, and I am sure thsi year will be an even better one (I hope).

Here I leave you a short film I was able to shoot with my former students, this past November, enjoy!

As always, thank you for reading, and God bless you! I hope I’ll write more blogs this time…







Hello world, internet, audience, or whoever is reading, my life has taken unexpected turns as of late, I’ve been so busy doing things I would’ve never imagined I’d ever do, for example am already 18, that’s HUGE! Ron-Swanson-is-excited
to be honest I’ve been 18 for a whole month now, and not much has changed in that area, I still play with lego, which I think is a good thing… That means no matter the times, I’ll always be me. But am not here to write about playing with lego,
Lego-Movie-Batman-Dang-It-Fail-Gif am here to explain how my life is going in a direction I would have never expected, I am a teacher, BAM! Can you believe that? I still can’t, I teach seven students in a classroom, me, 18 and already a teacher, that’s NUTS and awesome at the same time, it’s NUTSLYAWESOME! I totally feel like Jhon Keating,
but to be quite honest am learning more from them, than they are from me… I wanted to write about this, about how marvelous yet unexpected life can get, I didn’t knew/felt what to write for 4 MONTHS! Thankfully am back, doing one of the things I truly missed, I suppose I wanted to share the beginning of this journy, with you guys, a journey I didn’t choose or asked for, one that was gifted from God, and one I’ll be able to learn from a lot, follow me on these new adventures I’ll be writing/filming/vlogging about, This (from my perspective) shows how God has a bigger more perfect plan for our lives, and although this new chapter has only been 40 pages long, And I can already tell it’ll be something like this



Take care guys! 😀




The biggest complain about learning history is that we must learn and remember names of people that have already died, and that apparently have nothing to do with us, ”They’re dead end of story”. Right? But what we don’t understand is that we are more connected to those people than we actually realize, we read about guys that died searching for undiscovered lands, that died lost in the sea, but those people matter, not because they were someone, but because they died trying to accomplish, complete, fulfill, their dream… (which was finding land) and that right there, is impressive, we don’t realize the importance of that, that people died for their desires, for their dreams, and we must find that as inspiration, we must fight for our dreams, even though they might be hard to accomplish who knows they might inspire someone else, And back to the subject of the ”guys” they didn’t die in vain, their death inspired others, to find and SEARCH! Becasue they died doing something that mattered, that’s why we still read about them, because their accomplishments or failures still matter to this day, and that is why we should care about them, they are able to teach us about fighting and standing firm even though people might make fun of you because your dream/goal/desire is different from theirs, but like I said, who knows, your dream/desire/goal might inspire someone else. 🙂 Keep on dreaming, searching, and accomplishing, God bless you. And don’t loose the FAITH.