The Sudden End


It’s been quite a while since I’ve written something here, and I can explain why.


Remember my last post? (probably not cuz it was written in August) If not, let me refresh, I got a job as a teacher, things were bright, cool, and awesome, I got news, there were some ”changes” in the school I worked in, and I was unfortunately laid off… Scine January 10. My life took yet another sudden shift (which is quite common) by being laid off,


this year started with quite a BANG, huh? But in all seriousness though, I was able to become something much more than a teacher to my students, I was… a friend, almost a father, which is probably my biggest accomplishment till today, I also got a WHOLE lot to learn from those guys, and them from me, am happy with my experience, but dissapointed it ended (quite fast),


however am grateful, and I am sure thsi year will be an even better one (I hope).

Here I leave you a short film I was able to shoot with my former students, this past November, enjoy!

As always, thank you for reading, and God bless you! I hope I’ll write more blogs this time…







Well, this my friends might be humans, dreams, beliefs, and relationships worst enemy, depression is there to make you company when you feel lonely, when you failed, and when something terrible happened, but the bad thing is, that it only makes you feel WORSE, depression will always be there when you fail, when you’ve been through rough stuff, but never when you succeed, or feel ALIVE, WELL AND HAPPY, I know this because depression is one tough mosquito to kill, because the only thing it does, is suck away your dreams, beliefs, love, and soetimes (most of the time) hope. Don’t let it win, kill it. Don’t listen to ”it”. Times indeed will be tough, but that’s already a SOLID FACT, we can’t change that, so every time you fail and feel depressed, you stand up, clean your self and move on, don’t give up, like Rocky said, ”You keep moving forward.”,

giphy (1)

so don’t let depression be your companion in moments, of loneliness, sadness, or failure, let that company be God, he’ll fill up your needs, He is the one that you want as a company, He’ll always be there, when you succeed, when you feel happy, when you are on your best days, and even when you do not succeed, when you feel empty, when you feel hopeless, sad, terrible, He will always be there for you, so let Him be the company. As always thank you, and keep loving life guys! God bless!