Hello world, internet, audience, or whoever is reading, my life has taken unexpected turns as of late, I’ve been so busy doing things I would’ve never imagined I’d ever do, for example am already 18, that’s HUGE! Ron-Swanson-is-excited
to be honest I’ve been 18 for a whole month now, and not much has changed in that area, I still play with lego, which I think is a good thing… That means no matter the times, I’ll always be me. But am not here to write about playing with lego,
Lego-Movie-Batman-Dang-It-Fail-Gif am here to explain how my life is going in a direction I would have never expected, I am a teacher, BAM! Can you believe that? I still can’t, I teach seven students in a classroom, me, 18 and already a teacher, that’s NUTS and awesome at the same time, it’s NUTSLYAWESOME! I totally feel like Jhon Keating,
but to be quite honest am learning more from them, than they are from me… I wanted to write about this, about how marvelous yet unexpected life can get, I didn’t knew/felt what to write for 4 MONTHS! Thankfully am back, doing one of the things I truly missed, I suppose I wanted to share the beginning of this journy, with you guys, a journey I didn’t choose or asked for, one that was gifted from God, and one I’ll be able to learn from a lot, follow me on these new adventures I’ll be writing/filming/vlogging about, This (from my perspective) shows how God has a bigger more perfect plan for our lives, and although this new chapter has only been 40 pages long, And I can already tell it’ll be something like this



Take care guys! 😀