La Duda



Este año ha sido sin duda uno de los mejores, pero también uno de los mas difíciles, ya que ha sido el que ha traído mas dudas, temores, pruebas para mi Fe, y mis sueños.

Últimamente me he encontrado con muchas dudas sobre mi mismo, y sobre mis metas,  me veo al espejo y me pregunto si en verdad habrá algo mas. Me pregunto si en realidad soy tan bueno para las cosas que me apasionan, si en verdad merezco el perdón y amor de Dios, si podre escalar ese muro que cada vez es mas alto, hace unas semanas alguien me hizo una pregunta que me sacudió, una pregunta que me hizo caer de ese muro que escalaba con tanto cuidado y lentitud. No fue una mala pregunta, o con intenciones maliciosas, solo era la duda de alguien quien se preocupaba por mi futuro.

“¿Que pasa si no se da lo que tienes planeado, cual es tu plan B?”, 

Estas simples palabras me hicieron ver que efectivamente no hay, ni tengo, un subalterno objetivo. No hay otro plan mas que el A, el cual contiene mis verdaderos sueños y metas, hacer lo que de verdad anhelo y quiero. Pero esa duda me hizo caer, volví a ver el muro, pero esta vez era mas alto, y este asta arriba decía ‘duda’, me limpie la cara, y decidí tirarlo, no escalarlo, ya que no era un muro para hacerme mejor, la duda no era algo que me ayudaría a ser fuerte, solo algo que destruiría mis sueños, era un estorbo, entonces fui por un martillo y desde aquel momento lo he estado derrumbando, aquí es donde me encuentro, en el momento de la decisión, ya que no quiero dudar mas de mi mismo, la duda solo demora nuestros sueños para que parezcan imposibles de alcanzar. Ya no quiero que dudar, ya no quiero temer, este muro es el ultimo obstáculo que tengo que saltar, es el ultimo diablo que tengo que callar. Porque es cuando estamos increíblemente cerca de nuestro sueño, meta, o propósito, que hacen al diablo lanzar la ultima piedra para confundirnos.

No intenten escalar ese muro, tampoco se tiren al suelo porque es muy alto, ese es el plan del diablo, querer vernos rendidos.

Es cuando estamos enfrente del éxito que por ultima vez dudamos, solo tenemos que tirar el muro y decir,”Si puedo lograrlo”.

 Y Jesús les respondió: «En verdad os digo que si tenéis fe y no dudan, no sólo harán lo que se ha hecho con la higuera, sino que aun si decís a este monte: Quítate y échate en el mar “, así sucederá.-Mateo 21:21





From all the things God gives to us, responsibility is the one we clearly overlook the most, God gives us many responsibilities in life, He makes us take care for a special something, and sometimes we don’t realize till’ it’s given time. Some of the things that God puts in our care, is our Faith, our familily, our love, etc… God gives us responsibility, and I think thats very important and interesting, responsibility is a HUUUGE deal, because even Jesus himself talked about responsibility,  “To whom much has been given, much will be expected”- Luke 12:48. Or the obvious Spider-man quote, ”With great power comes great responsibility”



(both are pretty much the same, just altered). God will always make us responsible for something, He gives us the authority to take care of somethng, however it is our choice to do so. But responsibility has already been given to us, so we should wish to be responsible for even the smallest of things that have been given. It is tough to be responsible, it clearly isn’t easy, Spider-man’s uncle had to die for him to realize what he had to do, God wants us to bear responsibility, because He wants us to be free.
“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”
― Sigmund FreudCivilization and Its Discontents


                                                 God bless

Science and God Shirt!


Science and God Shirt!

Hello, my fellow readers! I have news! I made a shirt design, and it’s currently being sold! The price is 15$
I know I haven’t been able to write this past …month…? Anyway, reason behind that is, I have been EXTREMELY BUSY! But fear not for I’ll soon return to write a new blog, the message I wanted to give with this shirt is simple, stop using science as a tool to proof the inexcistance of God, Hope you guys like it (and possibly buy it ;D), thanks and God bless!



There are things inside of us that we can’t see (even with an x-ray), but that we know are there, hope being one of them. Life will always find a way to bring us to the ground, and we will forever (at the very least) try to move on, however when life truly strikes you down, and your beliefs, faith, and trust are all gone, theres always that little hope of wishing that things will eventually will get better, thats one of the reasons we see those posters that read ”hold on to hope”, because even in the midst of trouble, even in the middle of fear, this hope (as little as it can be) can bring you up. So, YOU must hold to hope, hope might be the reason that lost forgotten Faith returns. Hope is God’s last resource, for you.


Take care guys, God bless!





Now, this is, or has to be, one of the worst rivals we face, fear is just as bad as depression, you see, both work together, but somehow fear manages to attack everyone single one of us, depression is terrible, but not everyone falls into it’s claws, fear, however, fear is a threat we all face, we are all afraid of something, failure, darkness, an animal, a certain happening, etc…



Fear is a huge deal, it’s also thanks to fear that our dreams can’t become a reality, fear pays a huge role in all of us. Fear can be this HUGE terrible thing, however, it also can be a HUUUUGE help. …how? It is thanks to fear that we are able to overcome something, fear is a barrier between you and your objective, fear is a threat, obstacle, barrier, wall, but its also a KEY, fear is helpful, because fear makes us brave, we can’t be brave if we don’t have fear. Some people think that those that are brave have never felt fear, that they have never been afraid, but those people are mistaken, you see, one can only be brave once he has overcome fear, so these ”brave” men, were afraid, however, they did not give in, they defeated that obstacle, that’s what makes them valiant. You might be afraid, I know I am, but if we trust God, our goal, and in ourselves, we will prevail, and WE WILL BE BRAVE…



And for a lil’ help, heres a beautiful verse… 

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. -Psalm 23:4




We usually live our lives by what we experience, if something bad happens, we live trying not to make the same mistake, or we try to avoid the same experience as much as we can, which leads me into my main point, Being Alone, most of the time we are alone because we want to, and we think that by being alone we develop more independance, we don’t rely on people (which is true and in some cases a good thing), but that’s not the point in life, one of the many reasons we like to be alone is because we were dissapointed, hurt, etc… But not just once, but a couple of times, maybe you’ve been through relationships or friendships, and they all end the same, you now decide to be on your own, you don’t want to be dissapointed or hurt, which is good, you don’t have to trust right away that much in people, even though a little leap of faith may surprise you… However going back to my main point, you are not supposed to be alone, it’s not good, by the way, I didn’t say that, but GOD Himself. When God created The EDEN, and Adam, He saw a problem, something that was incorrect, Adam was alone, EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT, but Adam’s aloness, wasn’t. God , created Eve, we know what happens next, the snake betrays Eve, which leads to SIN… Now you could tell me, ” You see Leo, it was better for Adam to be alone, that way he wouldn’t have been brought out of The EDEN”, In a way you could be right, but still the snake would of betrayed Adam instead, but that’s not the point, the point is, God’s perspective, and thought, that we should take into account, ”It was not good for Adam to be alone”, emphasis on, ”Not good.”, I could be reading very much into this, but am not, Peter later tells us in the New Testament ofcourse, that God sees us as ”Living Stones.”, why? In those times, stones were the tool and material of construction, that’s what we are, we are tools, we are construction material, and to build you need lots of building material, you need a community, that’s one of the reasons Churches have lots of people, that’s why Jesus had 12 followers, we are not supposed to be alone, God wants us together, sure people are what makes us doubt, people hurt, people dissapoint, but not everyone is like that, you just haven’t found the right people, or haven’t been found by the right people, as of yet… And when you do, you will be more happy, than EVER before, they will help you in times of trouble, they love you in times of hate, and they will care in times harm…


Happy Valentine’s day. 🙂