La Duda



Este año ha sido sin duda uno de los mejores, pero también uno de los mas difíciles, ya que ha sido el que ha traído mas dudas, temores, pruebas para mi Fe, y mis sueños.

Últimamente me he encontrado con muchas dudas sobre mi mismo, y sobre mis metas,  me veo al espejo y me pregunto si en verdad habrá algo mas. Me pregunto si en realidad soy tan bueno para las cosas que me apasionan, si en verdad merezco el perdón y amor de Dios, si podre escalar ese muro que cada vez es mas alto, hace unas semanas alguien me hizo una pregunta que me sacudió, una pregunta que me hizo caer de ese muro que escalaba con tanto cuidado y lentitud. No fue una mala pregunta, o con intenciones maliciosas, solo era la duda de alguien quien se preocupaba por mi futuro.

“¿Que pasa si no se da lo que tienes planeado, cual es tu plan B?”, 

Estas simples palabras me hicieron ver que efectivamente no hay, ni tengo, un subalterno objetivo. No hay otro plan mas que el A, el cual contiene mis verdaderos sueños y metas, hacer lo que de verdad anhelo y quiero. Pero esa duda me hizo caer, volví a ver el muro, pero esta vez era mas alto, y este asta arriba decía ‘duda’, me limpie la cara, y decidí tirarlo, no escalarlo, ya que no era un muro para hacerme mejor, la duda no era algo que me ayudaría a ser fuerte, solo algo que destruiría mis sueños, era un estorbo, entonces fui por un martillo y desde aquel momento lo he estado derrumbando, aquí es donde me encuentro, en el momento de la decisión, ya que no quiero dudar mas de mi mismo, la duda solo demora nuestros sueños para que parezcan imposibles de alcanzar. Ya no quiero que dudar, ya no quiero temer, este muro es el ultimo obstáculo que tengo que saltar, es el ultimo diablo que tengo que callar. Porque es cuando estamos increíblemente cerca de nuestro sueño, meta, o propósito, que hacen al diablo lanzar la ultima piedra para confundirnos.

No intenten escalar ese muro, tampoco se tiren al suelo porque es muy alto, ese es el plan del diablo, querer vernos rendidos.

Es cuando estamos enfrente del éxito que por ultima vez dudamos, solo tenemos que tirar el muro y decir,”Si puedo lograrlo”.

 Y Jesús les respondió: «En verdad os digo que si tenéis fe y no dudan, no sólo harán lo que se ha hecho con la higuera, sino que aun si decís a este monte: Quítate y échate en el mar “, así sucederá.-Mateo 21:21




There are things inside of us that we can’t see (even with an x-ray), but that we know are there, hope being one of them. Life will always find a way to bring us to the ground, and we will forever (at the very least) try to move on, however when life truly strikes you down, and your beliefs, faith, and trust are all gone, theres always that little hope of wishing that things will eventually will get better, thats one of the reasons we see those posters that read ”hold on to hope”, because even in the midst of trouble, even in the middle of fear, this hope (as little as it can be) can bring you up. So, YOU must hold to hope, hope might be the reason that lost forgotten Faith returns. Hope is God’s last resource, for you.


Take care guys, God bless!





Hi, my fellow followers!


I have so much to write and so little time, I know that am not very consistent with my blogs, thats my fault as I don’t really know what to write at times, but I thought I could write about this year, 2013, it indeed was a BIG year, many things happened, so much was completed, so much was accomplished, 2013 was filled with surprises, good ones, and bad ones. I also did many things for the first time in 2013, like it was the year I first went to a Student Convention, and the first time I knew that I was not the only homeschooler, it was the first time I ever fell in love (didn’t end well, but that’s for another time), the first time I fell into depression, the first time I completed my own and personal short animation (that dosen’t involve legos), the first time I realized what I really wanted to do with my life, the first time I ever read a whole book in 7 days (The fault in our stars, go read it!), The first time I ever opened a BLOG! (huge stuff!) The first time I learned to play guitar, the first time I fought against my thoughts (thoughts about if I’ll finish my goals), many things happened indeed, and this is nothing compared to every single thing that happened in 2013, like I knew A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE, Homeschoolers… (which is amazing) And I made a LOT of great friends, friends that where there in times of need, in times of struggle, in times of pain, etc… SO in the end 2013 was pretty good, pretty tough aswell, but am sure that there were more postive things happening than bad ones, so thank you guys, and thank YOU followers, thank you for reading, and thank you for following. Hope you had and amazing year, and hope that 2014 is an EVEN MORE amazing year, and if 2013 was not really great, well let’s hope that what 2014 has in store for us, is more than amazing! God bless, and keep on reading, writing, painting, filming, playing, dreaming, hoping, believing, and loving. Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂   Image




There are times in life, specially in my life, where I have felt like am not really accomplishing anything, like everything I’ve done in my life is waste time, that am not gonna fulfill those dreams, goals, and desires, that everything am about to do with my life is worthless, and uninspiring, and that my life has been the same as anyone else’s, but it’s not, nor it’s the same, it’s ok to want more out of our lives, but it’s not good for us to feel like we are worthless, because we aren’t, we have a purpose, we have a goal, wether we fufill that goal or not, we still should live, life is much more than just failures, depression and fear, wich is what makes us take the wrong choices, which is what makes us fail, which is what makes feel depressed, I know because I felt/feel depressed more than I should, and those thoughts lead me to think about ending it all, about being gone. But if I was supposed to end it all, what was the purpose of me being born? You see, the devil knows that we’ll move mountains, he knows that we have SOOO MUCH potential, and success right in front of us, that’s why those thoughts come, so that we don’t accomplish the wonders, so that we don’t save those THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS OF CRYING SOULS, I write this post because I know that am not alone when I say that fear, depression and death are big and ENORMOUS enemies, of our dreams, of our love, of our desires, I believe that I have a purpose, and I believe that you have one aswell. The devil just wants to be a stone in our path, so we should only pick it up and throw it away. And everytime you feel like death is upon you, like it is the end, go talk to the people that you love and that you know love you as much as you do, they are a great help, like my mom, she truly is an amazing person, and ofcourse there’s God who will always show you whats in store for you if you don’t give in.



God bless you, and if you know someone that goes through depression like myself, send him this little letter, of encouragement, we are not alone. God bless your soul, for we are WINNERS!


Is this all?



Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, ”is this it?”, referring to the fact or question if all there is to life is, go to school, go to work, use the computer, and just do what you always do? Is that all there really is to life? Having a decent job in a cubicle, and hopefully getting married? Well, I might just be a youngster, but I do know this, thats not all, there is more to life than meets the eye. How do I know this? Well because you weren’t born to fulfill someone else’s dream, there is a higher purpose for your life, you are meant to complete and accomplish wonders. I also know that you are good at something that almost noone else is good at, and if you can share God’s love through it (which you obviously can) then, don’t let go. Never doubt why you are here, because you are here for a reason, you were born, remember that, YOU ACTUALLY EXIST! Ofcourse you might not yet know, what you were born for, but I can assure you this, you weren’t born to work for someone else’s dream, because when you find your pourpose you’ll have yours as well, don’t waste your full potential, for you can move mountains (with God’s help and a little faith, ofcourse) thank you, and GOD BLESS! 🙂